Friendly Advice.

Hello everyone,

I should be out participating in #sundayfunday activities with peers instead I am at home on the couch, watching a tv series that I absolutely love. The show is “Reign” on Netflix. I truly admire the way Francis loves Mary! I am now at the episode where Princess Claud is forced to marry a much better suitor than her lover whom is a servant. I always knew about arranged marriages, once upon a time this was even common in my country! Anyway, enough of that!

How can you determine when a friend turns to a foe? is it jealousy? blunt disrespect? trash talking behind your back? insecurities? I truly wonder why men tend to be able to still become friends after the most impossible but we women? could never!

I am certain maturity plays a part in all of this. I have come to know that relationships with women can have its ups and downs! But in order to truly be friends with someone you have to be friends with yourself! similar to “love yourself before you can love another”. Be good to people, treat them they same way you would want to be treated. Personally, I know I can get so caught up in my life that I forget to check on others but when I do, I genuinely mean it. My messages are not to acquire information also known as TEA *rolls eyes*, if you ever get a message from me know that I mean well by it. I can only hope the same when you send a message across to me as well.

We are all adults, if you haven’t done anything to me and we were once friends but just got lost in communication I still consider you a friend! which means I will support you on any big day that I am invited to. Just because we do not speak every day does not mean if you needed me I would not be there! But, if you have ever spoke bad about me surely you must know that I know about your feelings towards me or will know 🙂 which of course renders you are a not my friend !

So, I say all of this to say this: be kind, treat a friend the way you would want to be treated, respect one another, listen, and most importantly show up for a friend. Social media is not keeping in touch. Just because you watch a 10 second clip and it shows that you did indeed watch it is not a form of communication and that my friends is key for a healthy relationship!

Sidenote: i am no expert in this. I am still learning about friendship and working on a few myself! If you have a certain scenario or seek advice you may contact me! I would love to hear from you!

Back to watching “Reign”

xoxo, Oge…

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