3 Skincare Items You Need!


  1. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Scrub: I love this because of it’s light gel formula, and the little tiny blue cooling gel which feels so amazing!! It has truly helped my skin and without it, I feel blah!  $8.49(Walgreens)
  2. Neutrogena Make up Remover: OH MY GOODNESS! these are amazing! Ladies, have you ever been so tired from a long day and you know you need to wash off your make up before you lay down? Use this make up remover and it will wipe off every bit of makeup and leave your skin feeling smooth afterwards! PS: I have tried almost every make up remover in the drug store and this by far has won my heart! 7.99 @Ulta
  3. Belif The True Cream – Moisturizing bomb :  This moisturizer is basically a cream to keep my face hydrated before I apply my make up! Small in size but can last up to two months! Purchase at Sephora  HERE


So, you do not have to get these particular items above. But I do recommend a face wash, make up wipes and a moisturizer ! Let me know some of your skin care products that you swear by below!


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