When I Met Harvey.

Good Evening Everyone, by the time you read this it’ll be morning/afternoon. First, I want to say WELCOME TO MY BLOG!, If you are reading this know that I appreciate you stopping by and supporting me. Thursday the 24th of August I was set to head to Dallas to a girl friend’s traditional wedding that was taking place Saturday until my Boyfriend told me the weather was going to be bad and a hurricane was coming. Immediately, I felt like I had been kicked in my gutt! I was worried. So, I decided to stay because I didn’t want to be caught in the rain while headed to Dallas. Greyhound and Mega Bus terrify me, I think  cars in a whole. I get that from my mom she gets anxiety when others drive her around even me! lol. I decided to stay back, my mom was in Houston, my siblings, my boyfriend and my boyfriend’s mother. I felt like it would be selfish of me to leave and go to Dallas. It was pouring rain and I slept like a baby!

Friday: I wake up, realize it had rained. My boyfriend wanted to go see his mother in Humble, Tx (I tried to talk him out of this and he didn’t listen). So I said I would go see my mom in Sugarland while he went to Humble. We get to Sugarland and my mom is adamant that he shouldn’t go out there because it wasn’t safe! He agrees at this point. I said I would stay back and hang with my mom. Thought I would be able to make it home the next day. He calls me while driving to talk like we do on a regular. “OH MY GOD” he screams!, “WHAT IS IT?” i said. He saw a tornado forming on i10 freeway and the wind was blowing so fast that he felt his car fishtail.  At this point, I yelled and said please GO HOME NOW!

Oh how it rained, rained, rained, rained & rained! At this point, I knew I was stuck in Sugarland for the night!

Saturday: I woke up and turned on the news and saw the devastation of Hurricane Harvey! To my amazement, People’s home flooded, streets flooded, citizens rescuing their own, mothers carrying their babies, fathers carrying their kids, my city that I love at this point had officially been hit with the most violent storm and he was called Harvey, Hurricane Harvey.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2

I use these particular images because they were among the first pictures I had seen. You would think that was enough but no, Harvey wasn’t done with us yet.

Sunday: Harvey hit again, this time HARD. People’s homes were flooded, streets flooded, highways flooded, while others who were not affected were basically stuck at home and if this was you, you my friend should thank God for sparring you, your home and your family. I was glued to the news, I mean I watched FOX, The Weather Channel and CNN. The most I had watched the news and was glued to it. ( I also realized the news was repetitive, and social media truly is a Gem).

Monday :  Did you know it rained NON STOP from Sunday to Monday… I fell asleep on my aunt’s couch so I could here the rain and it did not catch a break! At this point, I started feeling helpless. We(my aunts kids) attempted to go get some food(yea, we were NOT that prepared for Harvey) stores were closed and the roads flooded! I panicked and wanted us to just head back home before we got stuck.

Tuesday: The sun shined on us, I mean you guys I thought Houston was in her last days. I know a lot of families were evacuating from their homes in boats, helicopters, jet ski’s and all I had was cabin fever! A sense of gratefulness came over me. I started to think, that could have been me, my boyfriend, my mom or my sister who was stuck at her school campus, or my siblings with their mom, my boyfriends mom and her son, his wife and new born. None of us had to evacuate, I don’t know about you guys but when you are not affected by a tragedy like this you have to GIVE ALL GLORY TO GOD!. I saw the sun shine. I knew God would shine bright on my city again.

Wednesday: I was wakened by my boyfriend, it brought me so much joy! I actually thought I was dreaming and he was like ” you’re not dreaming babe”. My mother sitting on the dining table smiling. At that moment, I realized what Harvey had taught me.

Do not take what you have for granted. 14 people have died due to Hurricane Harvey, even a family of 6 drowned. Our life’s not promised. While on this earth be good to one another, be kind, be grateful, be content, be selfless, help one another, whether you are black, brown, white, orange, pink, I don’t give a damn about your color! we all have to face the same God. #PrayForHouston #PrayForTexas during this time. Our city has had it’s ass kicked! I hope now as we live our lives in this city, when we see each other we are more compassionate to one another. This is a conversation starter. Talk to the person next to you, see how you can help them because I know everyone in this city was affected by this storm in some way. God bless.


Hurricane Irma, is coming! Way too soon Irma. Too soon!


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These are a few pictures

i took on Wednesday August 31st. This is the Energy Corridor of Houston. My apartment is two exits down. Blessings. I also managed to get a picture of CNN’s Anderson Cooper behind the scenes during a live interview.


Thank you for reading this post. God bless you all :).

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