I Decided To Get Out Of My Head.

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. I have been going through some things in life. I’m sure someone reading this can understand. However, during this time i have consulted with people seeking encouragement and expecting someone to say this magical line that will make me believe things will be better. Today, I sat at home and found myself watching motivational videos. A friend of mine would always say “you need to watch some motivational videos and leave all that rap alone” lol. I went on youtube searching for “how to take off Got 2 B glue” and stumbled on a video that I posted on my snapchat(OgeandtheCity)  of TD Jakes titled “What overwhelms you” and was moved. I have spent about four hours listening to TD Jakes and Myles Munroe talk to me. So, I wanted to share something with you:

Your mind is a powerful tool if not THE most powerful tool you possess as a human being. So, I ask that you train your mind today as I have decided I will do as well!

TD Jakes says “It is with your mind that we serve the lord”, if you pay close attention on how the devil works he attacks you in your mind, thats how he gets you! I will not lie to you, I have been battling with myself, my mind and my thoughts! My mind has kept me from doing absolutely anything! I worry that you may not like me, or my past will make you look at me different, or you will judge where I am in my life now, or that my business will not succeed if I launch, I feel fat a times, even when I do something about it my mind tricks me to believe that no matter what I will remain where I am, or my current dilemma that I face as a DACA candidate, feeling that my mates are surpassing me. These are a few things that my mind lets me dwell in and think about and obsess about so badly that when I wake up I feel no joy! Everyday I face a decision to CONTROL MY MIND, some days I am fine, other days i dwell in my thoughts of feeling less than because of the challenges I face.

Although I face these issues I know deep down inside what I am capable of. I know who I am but you see I have to train my mind to focus on this part and not the previous paragraph. You will become a target when you decide to take a lead in YOUR life. Just because they’re shooting at you does not mean they shot you but you have to have courage to be able to walk into your purpose. Do not focus on what the next person is doing or how fast they got to their destiny compared to you. Cardi B is a great example. I bet no one saw her coming, they talked down about her, but she had the courage to be who she is to go where she needs to be. You cannot be secretly talented because you are worried about what someone else will say about you. You cannot be worried about the security of your reputation and hinder your progress! no one on this planet is perfect. So, I say all of that to say this: move, do something, do what you want to do, show your talent, create something, be true to yourself, do not waste time, use everyday to challenge yourself, perfect your craft and gain a new perspective everyday and i promise you your blessing is coming for you.

So today, I am coming out head first, getting out of my mind and diving into my purpose so that I can be who I am and achieve the things that I know are attainable to me. I hope you do the same!

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