I Constructed My First Wig !



It’s amazing what happens when you focus your mind on a goal. This past weekend I took it upon myself to learn how to make a wig and I did just that! I am beyond proud of myself. Even though it took me 4 hours Saturday night to complete and realized I couldn’t fit it at 4AM because the cap I used was so small. I almost cried. The next day, I took it down bought a new cap and went to work(right pic). I proceeded to create a bob because I did not like the length of the wig at first, so I cut it into a bob! I plan on making a few more and will keep you updated on my #WIGJOURNEY.

Reason why I decided to wear wigs: Well, I should have listened to my beautician months ago when she told me to let my scalp breathe. I have stressed my hair out. I am even considering going bald, like seriously. I figured it won’t hurt to start growing my hair the right way and crossing over to the natural side not because off the wave. I just need to do something different to get a better result, you dig me?

I hope to make more wigs in the future as I figure out what to do with my natural hair!

What do you think about my wig? And what should I name her?! 🙂

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