Today on #WhatsYourGirlReading .

This past week, I made my way to Barnes & Nobles to pass time as I had a meeting in the City Centre area of Houston within the next hour. I read “The Worm and the Bird” by Coralie Bickford Smith. It was the shortest book I had ever read and with time not on my side it was the perfect read. I also looked at the new releases and saw a few that I wanted to read. I’m trying to read more, with social media being most people’s choice of entertainment I have to read often to keep a balance. My father is who really introduced me to reading. He would give me a “Vanguard” newspaper in Nigeria to read the first page as he read as well. So that was a way we bonded. It’s been years since I have seen my father so when I read I think of him a lot.
So, here are a few books that really caught my attention.

Have you read any? Which would you suggest I start reading first? Would you like to read with me and we talk about it? If so, comment below!

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