21 Lessons I Have Learned So Far.


  1. You have to believe in something. I believe in God.
  2. Listen to your parents. They’ve made some mistakes and are only trying to save you from making the same mistakes they did.
  3. Figure out your “WHY”. This is how you know what your purpose in life is. What do you want to be known for in this life? How do people view you? Are you adding value into other people’s lives?
  4. Drink a lot of water !
  5. Find an outlet- Writing is my therapy.
  6. Do not envy anyone. It brews something nasty inside of you, I much rather you be confident in who you are.
  7. Embrace your shortcomings. They make you.
  8. Do not sit around and talk about other people. Move around from those who do.
  9. Love is enough. Society makes you think otherwise. Isn’t God’s Love enough ? I mean you are alive!
  10. Learn the act of Forgiveness– Forgetting is another story.
  11. Do not hold in any animosity towards anyone. It will take a toll on you.
  12. Everyone is not your friend – You would think I would have resonated with this statement. Now, I have.
  13. Be fearless – Fuck what they think!
  14. Take a chance on someone  or loose them to someone else.
  15. Never regret anything you do, learn from it.
  16. Be careful so you don’t make the same mistake twice.
  17. Love yourself, You set the standard for what you accept into your life.
  18. When you are stripped off the filters, social media, weave, acrylic, lashes etc. Are you happy with who you are? If no, stop what you are doing and start loving you! If yes, isn’t it a beautiful feeling?
  19. Let your walls down, trust love. Love isn’t perfect neither are you. So be easy on those who hurt you. For most of them know not what they do.
  20. Be thankful to whatever source you get your energy from. God beams over my life!
  21. Read more, keep learning. Always be a Student of Life. That’s why my Instagram bio says “Student”.

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