Something is about to happen…



If you keep up with me, you know that I love TD Jakes. I came across this video this morning after working out. I needed affirmation, my mind and body was craving to be uplifted. When I am alone I tend to overthink and be in my head a lot. This video has been playing for 10 minutes now because I need it to resonate with me. I believe every word that is being spoken. You just have to believe in God and yourself. Life can make you feel like God has forgotten about you, he hasn’t. If you know half of what I I have experienced and still go through and constantly come out of it. I know God is watching me. My mom will tell you that God has been on my side. I have had moments in my life where I felt like God had forgotten about me. Biggest mistake I made thinking that way. But, God kept showing me that I am his daughter and he loves me despise my sins. I just had to believe. Believe in him, believe that things that have happened have made me who I am. Now, when someone has experienced something similar to what I have I can honestly tell them that it will be ok. And if I haven’t experienced what you have yet, I know you will come out of that darkness if you believe and trust in God.

It’s a new season, things are about to change. Something is about to happen!

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