Ijeoma’s 20th Birthday.

Hey guys! Yesterday was my sister’s 20th Birthday so i wanted to surprise her with a birthday cake and as I was walking through the aisle at a local grocery store I see her carrying a birthday cake. I was shocked and told her what I was doing there. I told her she had to let me pay for it and she did. So we headed to her place and spent time with the rest of my siblings. We sang happy birthday, gave speeches and wishes and just enjoyed each other’s company.

I been slacking on being a big sister, for years I’ve been very protective over my siblings and thought I would have been able by now to carry them to take some stress of my parents. But of course, me having limited resources to create something for me has caused me to be at a stand still for a long time. However, I feel that will all change soon. I feel a breakthrough coming and now glad that I am documenting my journey.

Here are a few of the photos we took together… enjoy! 🙂

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