Merry Christmas! #2017Edition

Hi Guys! Hope you all had an amazing day! This year I focused on the reason for the season. It’s Jesus’s Birthday! :). And I know I serve an almighty God who is his father and he the son! So, despite the challenges, short comings and losses taken this year I’m still grateful. I wasn’t expecting anything! Like, I had no expectations whatsoever but God and the universe didn’t want that for me! I received gifts from Hannah’s grandparents(if you follow me on snap you know Hannah), I won a gift at a white Christmas party, Jasper gifted me as well and my favorite gift this year was from Kasie who gave me some earrings!

But the one gift I am giving myself this year and will carry on the new year is to set boundaries for people in my life. I don’t care who you are. You can’t have my peace of mind, my joy or my happiness. I can’t sacrifice myself any longer to make others happy and I also understand that I may not meet everyone’s expectation of me and that is FINE! So my gift to me is: removing all things that no longer bring me positivity, peace or purpose into my life. Word to Deonna McGary!

Overall, I’m looking forward to a new year and fresh start! And I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Love you!

PS: My birthday is on the 30th!!!

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