Something is about to happen…



If you keep up with me, you know that I love TD Jakes. I came across this video this morning after working out. I needed affirmation, my mind and body was craving to be uplifted. When I am alone I tend to overthink and be in my head a lot. This video has been playing for 10 minutes now because I need it to resonate with me. I believe every word that is being spoken. You just have to believe in God and yourself. Life can make you feel like God has forgotten about you, he hasn’t. If you know half of what I I have experienced and still go through and constantly come out of it. I know God is watching me. My mom will tell you that God has been on my side. I have had moments in my life where I felt like God had forgotten about me. Biggest mistake I made thinking that way. But, God kept showing me that I am his daughter and he loves me despise my sins. I just had to believe. Believe in him, believe that things that have happened have made me who I am. Now, when someone has experienced something similar to what I have I can honestly tell them that it will be ok. And if I haven’t experienced what you have yet, I know you will come out of that darkness if you believe and trust in God.

It’s a new season, things are about to change. Something is about to happen!

Today on #WhatsYourGirlReading .

This past week, I made my way to Barnes & Nobles to pass time as I had a meeting in the City Centre area of Houston within the next hour. I read “The Worm and the Bird” by Coralie Bickford Smith. It was the shortest book I had ever read and with time not on my side it was the perfect read. I also looked at the new releases and saw a few that I wanted to read. I’m trying to read more, with social media being most people’s choice of entertainment I have to read often to keep a balance. My father is who really introduced me to reading. He would give me a “Vanguard” newspaper in Nigeria to read the first page as he read as well. So that was a way we bonded. It’s been years since I have seen my father so when I read I think of him a lot.
So, here are a few books that really caught my attention.

Have you read any? Which would you suggest I start reading first? Would you like to read with me and we talk about it? If so, comment below!

OMG! Guess What?!!

OMG! Guess What?!!

I am A Cast Member On A Upcoming Show #CTALKTV

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That’s right! Filming has begun and I need you all to know that this is totally outside my comfort zone. If you know me, you know I love to talk, I meet random people and converse with them. It makes me get out of my own head and see life through other peoples eyes. Here I go, talking too much on this post! haha.

I am getting myself out there, taking risks, doing things that i once feared to do. All this is being done to figure out what I like, what I love most to do. These opportunities I do not take lightly and would love any support I can get.


More Photos From The Shoot:

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These are just the ladies! Follow @CTALKTV on Instagram and on Youtube #CTALKTV please go follow and subscribe to both platforms! You get to see a different side of me with this project thats for sure! I hope you all watch and support me!!! MUAH !


Let’s WORK!

8 Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Significant Other.

8 Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your Significant Other.


Everyone has their specific reasons to why they choose to do what they do. At the time, it was more feasible for me to stay under one roof with my S.O and it was a decision i made for me, I was happy with my decision. However, living with your S.O can be fun but yet challenging. Here a few things to consider if you are thinking about it moving in with your S.O .

Communication skills

This can be very beneficial since you both live under one roof. You all are able to speak to each other more, diffuse arguments better or things can escalate pretty fast! You have to make sure you and your partner are great communicators. If not, this may pose as a issue and one may just move out and cause the relationship to end.

Cleaning Duties

One person is always messier than the other. Have a chart and place it on the refrigerator, so you both know whose turn it is to clean. That may be helpful. The last thing you want is to have a heated argument because someone didn’t clean off their plate and place it in the dishwasher! Also, if you notice the house it messy, tidy it up. This keeps your partner at attention next time to do the same.

Less Texting


This cute thing that your friends and their boyfriends do will slow down for you dramatically. But don’t fret my dear, keep in mind your man/woman is/will be at home when you get there. I suggest you try to text while away, talk to them about your day or send them funny videos from Instagram. Be cute. You always want them to feel missed. Not texting may come off as if you are happy to be away from them. That isn’t a great feeling to have.

Date Nights

Well, no more getting cute and surprising him/her as they pick you up or you arrive on the date scene looking fabulous. Now, you two will be getting ready together! Which can be fun. You may also notice that you all are going out less now because you all spend majority of the time together. Take outs will be your best friend.

Package Deals

Oh the amount of friends that would much rather not hang with you because you two are now a package deal. I suggest you have a life outside of your S.O so that when you all bring your group of friends together is turns into a house party or kick back!

Where did the spark go?

The fire between you two will go up and down, up and down and back down and up. If you all are not careful the spark could take months to light up! You have to constantly make an effort to do the things your S.O likes. Maybe send her flowers at work, or ladies you buy him a a nice t shirt and ask him to wear it out for date night. Always be spontaneous, women love that stuff! make plans for us a times, take charge. Ladies, have his meal waiting for him and you in a nice piece of lingerie, run his bath water, massage his feet. Carter to him, and watch the sparks fly!


Sex can either become constant or stagnant. You all have access to all the rooms in the house to get naughty! And for some sex becomes a chore. You don not want to fall in that category. But if you are present in your relationship and not absent minded you will notice these things I have listed and try to fix it immediately. Being spontaneous, planning a date night for your girl, whispering sweet somethings in her ear makes her feel sexy, confident and wakes her up down there! If men did more of this, women would be more willing to do things to make you happy without “nagging” all the time.


I am simply going to say this, your love will be tested during this time. You have to make sure your bond is strong enough. Moving in will either strengthen your love or weaken it.


Disclaimer: I am in no way saying it is right to move in with your S.O before marriage. We are all adults and are able to make decisions for ourselves. Moving in with your S.O is a preference and most people have different reasons why they decide to make this commitment. But I do hope if you are living with your S.O this is someone you want spend the rest of your life with.



A girl friend of mine was so nice to invite me out to see SZA in Houston. I hadn’t been out in a while, working on a project, chauffeuring mom around, taking care of home etc. So, when you get a text inviting you to go see one of your favorite artists out who has an album i literally listen to everyday, you say YES!


I didn’t know what to wear to the concert because the last time I went to Warehouse Live in Houston I wore heels and that was such a mistake! Took a trip down to H&M at City Centre and found something. I was in such a rush, I knew I wanted comfortable pants so I went to the men’s section to find some loose pants and paired it with a shirt.


Shirt : H&M
Top: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Bag: @stylecircle


Overall, I had an amazing time! SZA was such a fun act to watch. I danced, sang along, when Travis Scott came on stage the crowd lost it. Next time, I will wear a graphic tee dress and some tennis shoes! because I was sweating but I loved it. I was so into singing along that I was not bothered until after the show I realized my shirt was wet. If you look at my shoulders you can see a wet patch! Now I just have to see Beyonce in Concert and I am sure I would loose it!

I am a few years away from turning 30. So, a lot of events and outings that I would engage in 5 years ago aren’t what i like to do presently. I say that to say this: if you are not a club goer here in Houston and looking for places to go one thing you can do is get your girl friends, hit up some concerts. Check out Warehouse live or house of blues to see who’s coming to the city. Trip is also an app that tells you the top places to go during the week, top restaurants, bars and lounges and even top hotels to stay in while in the city. Β Hope you have a great weekend!


I Decided To Get Out Of My Head.

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. I have been going through some things in life. I’m sure someone reading this can understand. However, during this time i have consulted with people seeking encouragement and expecting someone to say this magical line that will make me believe things will be better. Today, I sat at home and found myself watching motivational videos. A friend of mine would always say “you need to watch some motivational videos and leave all that rap alone” lol. I went on youtube searching for “how to take off Got 2 B glue” and stumbled on a video that I posted on my snapchat(OgeandtheCity) Β of TD Jakes titled “What overwhelms you” and was moved. I have spent about four hours listening to TD Jakes and Myles Munroe talk to me. So, I wanted to share something with you:

Your mind is a powerful tool if not THE most powerful tool you possess as a human being. So, I ask that you train your mind today as I have decided I will do as well!

TD Jakes says “It is with your mind that we serve the lord”, if you pay close attention on how the devil works he attacks you in your mind, thats how he gets you! I will not lie to you, I have been battling with myself, my mind and my thoughts! My mind has kept me from doing absolutely anything! I worry that you may not like me, or my past will make you look at me different, or you will judge where I am in my life now, or that my business will not succeed if I launch, I feel fat a times, even when I do something about it my mind tricks me to believe that no matter what I will remain where I am, or my current dilemma that I face as a DACA candidate, feeling that my mates are surpassing me. These are a few things that my mind lets me dwell in and think about and obsess about so badly that when I wake up I feel no joy! Everyday I face a decision to CONTROL MY MIND, some days I am fine, other days i dwell in my thoughts of feeling less than because of the challenges I face.

Although I face these issues I know deep down inside what I am capable of. I know who I am but you see I have to train my mind to focus on this part and not the previous paragraph. You will become a target when you decide to take a lead in YOUR life. Just because they’re shooting at you does not mean they shot you but you have to have courage to be able to walk into your purpose. Do not focus on what the next person is doing or how fast they got to their destiny compared to you. Cardi B is a great example. I bet no one saw her coming, they talked down about her, but she had the courage to be who she is to go where she needs to be. You cannot be secretly talented because you are worried about what someone else will say about you. You cannot be worried about the security of your reputation and hinder your progress! no one on this planet is perfect. So, I say all of that to say this: move, do something, do what you want to do, show your talent, create something, be true to yourself, do not waste time, use everyday to challenge yourself, perfect your craft and gain a new perspective everyday and i promise you your blessing is coming for you.

So today, I am coming out head first, getting out of my mind and diving into my purpose so that I can be who I am and achieve the things that I know are attainable to me. I hope you do the same!