Merry Christmas! #2017Edition

Hi Guys! Hope you all had an amazing day! This year I focused on the reason for the season. It’s Jesus’s Birthday! :). And I know I serve an almighty God who is his father and he the son! So, despite the challenges, short comings and losses taken this year I’m still grateful. I wasn’t expecting anything! Like, I had no expectations whatsoever but God and the universe didn’t want that for me! I received gifts from Hannah’s grandparents(if you follow me on snap you know Hannah), I won a gift at a white Christmas party, Jasper gifted me as well and my favorite gift this year was from Kasie who gave me some earrings!

But the one gift I am giving myself this year and will carry on the new year is to set boundaries for people in my life. I don’t care who you are. You can’t have my peace of mind, my joy or my happiness. I can’t sacrifice myself any longer to make others happy and I also understand that I may not meet everyone’s expectation of me and that is FINE! So my gift to me is: removing all things that no longer bring me positivity, peace or purpose into my life. Word to Deonna McGary!

Overall, I’m looking forward to a new year and fresh start! And I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Love you!

PS: My birthday is on the 30th!!!

Wedding Guest #TheNwachukwu’s 12.15.17

Oh yea! I cut my hair again. Do you like?. This past Friday Jasper’s brother got married. It was so beautiful and I’m wishing them a lifetime of pure joy and happiness.

Normally I take more photos but i was very active so this is all I had time for. I did snap a bit during the event.

My sister joined me with her friend

Rachel & Leona.

Overall, it was a beautiful night! Congrats to Arlena and Chisom Nwachukwu !

I’m baaaaaack!

Hey guys!! It’s been a while. The Last two months have been a blur. As I wrote on a previous post “The Waiting Game” you’ll understand a bit of what I’m talking about.

I received a phone call from my lawyer a few days ago and it was a reminder from God that I should have hope that things will be ok. I honestly didn’t think I would get through this rut i had been in off and on for months now. But that phone call?! Ahhh I will tell you all soon and I promise I will make the news loud! 2018 is my year to plant seeds in my garden that I’ve worked hard on!

Oh I don’t know how we do it, but I think God has his hands on the both of us. My relationship suffered because I was so caught up in my own shit that it had become a norm to fight everyday with my partner. Most of them caused by me. After several fights, conversations and communicating properly we worked through it. And his family coming to town and spending time with them reminded me of who I am, what I wanted and what makes me happy, Him!

I took a social media break for about two weeks and during those days it was brought to my attention that as I was going through my mood swings and getting on social media looking at other people being active and living had affected me and my perspective of what reality, my reality was. Which made it so much easier for me to fall into a mood. Social media breaks are necessary now for me. Oh and during this break I realized the people that actually cared to talk to me in real life and not because I made a post on snap or Instagram lol. Hey Bestie and my sister Leona! Love u both dearly.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m also on a 90 Day Mind Body and Soul cleanse and I’m on Day 28. And in these 28 days I’ve rediscovered hope, realized how my mood can affect those I love and how being more present in life is such a benefit for me. I wonder how i will feel by Day 60!!! I’m excited and looking forward to documenting my journey.

Here are a few photos of me! You know I love a good selfie and Snapchat filters!