Today on #WhatsYourGirlReading .

This past week, I made my way to Barnes & Nobles to pass time as I had a meeting in the City Centre area of Houston within the next hour. I read “The Worm and the Bird” by Coralie Bickford Smith. It was the shortest book I had ever read and with time not on my side it was the perfect read. I also looked at the new releases and saw a few that I wanted to read. I’m trying to read more, with social media being most people’s choice of entertainment I have to read often to keep a balance. My father is who really introduced me to reading. He would give me a “Vanguard” newspaper in Nigeria to read the first page as he read as well. So that was a way we bonded. It’s been years since I have seen my father so when I read I think of him a lot.
So, here are a few books that really caught my attention.

Have you read any? Which would you suggest I start reading first? Would you like to read with me and we talk about it? If so, comment below!


I don’t wanna toot my own horn but TOOOOOOOT TOOT ! haha

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Outfit Details:

Shirt: H&M
Bag: I truly do not remember
Sam Edelman(Nordstrom)
Dame Royale
Jeans: TopShop

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Creating My Lane.


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Hi guys! I am really trying my hardest to be consistent with my blog posts because I take this seriously. This is my baby. However, I have been extremely busy! From handling business with my mom, moving into a new place, I still haven’t finished unpacking our belongings. I am truly a one woman show so I try to do everything at once. I tend to take on more than I can handle which leads to stress but I have to get things done! ya know?

Now, Lets talk about the details of my outfit.
Wig: Me
Blazer : Me( I am working on something you guys shhh)
BodySuit: Old
Pants: Chicos
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Bag: H&M

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Over the last year and a half I have put on some weight, and you guys I just realized it shows in my face! I mean chubby much?! Goodness! I took a break from CrossFit this month because like I stated earlier, TOO BUSY. I can not wait to get organized and plan out my day! I am aiming  for Monday to be back to normal. The Gym needs to be my best friend as my birthday approaches in a few, 2 months!! Eek!

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One more thing I have to give a big shout out to the beautiful lady that took these photographs of me and taught me a few poses! #HEYAGATHA Her Instagram handle @ironyofashi and you have to check out her blog HERE . She also has a ready to wear women fashion line made with Ankara. If you love a great African print I would check her out as well over HERE . Check her out guys! You’ll thank me later.


Stay Blessed.




A girl friend of mine was so nice to invite me out to see SZA in Houston. I hadn’t been out in a while, working on a project, chauffeuring mom around, taking care of home etc. So, when you get a text inviting you to go see one of your favorite artists out who has an album i literally listen to everyday, you say YES!


I didn’t know what to wear to the concert because the last time I went to Warehouse Live in Houston I wore heels and that was such a mistake! Took a trip down to H&M at City Centre and found something. I was in such a rush, I knew I wanted comfortable pants so I went to the men’s section to find some loose pants and paired it with a shirt.


Shirt : H&M
Top: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Bag: @stylecircle


Overall, I had an amazing time! SZA was such a fun act to watch. I danced, sang along, when Travis Scott came on stage the crowd lost it. Next time, I will wear a graphic tee dress and some tennis shoes! because I was sweating but I loved it. I was so into singing along that I was not bothered until after the show I realized my shirt was wet. If you look at my shoulders you can see a wet patch! Now I just have to see Beyonce in Concert and I am sure I would loose it!

I am a few years away from turning 30. So, a lot of events and outings that I would engage in 5 years ago aren’t what i like to do presently. I say that to say this: if you are not a club goer here in Houston and looking for places to go one thing you can do is get your girl friends, hit up some concerts. Check out Warehouse live or house of blues to see who’s coming to the city. Trip is also an app that tells you the top places to go during the week, top restaurants, bars and lounges and even top hotels to stay in while in the city.  Hope you have a great weekend!


I Constructed My First Wig !



It’s amazing what happens when you focus your mind on a goal. This past weekend I took it upon myself to learn how to make a wig and I did just that! I am beyond proud of myself. Even though it took me 4 hours Saturday night to complete and realized I couldn’t fit it at 4AM because the cap I used was so small. I almost cried. The next day, I took it down bought a new cap and went to work(right pic). I proceeded to create a bob because I did not like the length of the wig at first, so I cut it into a bob! I plan on making a few more and will keep you updated on my #WIGJOURNEY.

Reason why I decided to wear wigs: Well, I should have listened to my beautician months ago when she told me to let my scalp breathe. I have stressed my hair out. I am even considering going bald, like seriously. I figured it won’t hurt to start growing my hair the right way and crossing over to the natural side not because off the wave. I just need to do something different to get a better result, you dig me?

I hope to make more wigs in the future as I figure out what to do with my natural hair!

What do you think about my wig? And what should I name her?! 🙂